Can I request a feature here? Powershell?

I know its not a full language but very close to it. It would help all us sys admins out here :slight_smile:


We only use Linux servers, can we run powershell on it?

I know this is a somewhat old question, but I came across it because I was interested in the possibility of using PowerShell in CodinGame as well. Turns out that as of August 18, the answer is yes. Microsoft has open-sourced PowerShell and put the project up on GitHub:

Not sure how much work would be involved in adding it to the site, but it looks like there are at least two of us who would be happy to see it! :smiley:


i would love seeing PowerShell added to Codingame!

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Same here: I would love to see it added!

Also, I strongly disagree that it’s not a full language: it’s as full as or fuller than any other interpreted or shell language (if you can’t do it with native PowerShell, you can almost certainly do it by tying into .NET), and CG has bash, so why not?

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Can I add my voice to this feature request? I would love to see Powershell added too. And, yes, it can be run on Linux.

I am a system administrator, not a coder. I tried some languages for small-to-medium routine automation scripts for Windows infrastructure and, you know, Powershell is still the best in my eyes. I love how the code looks and its possibilities and syntax and those objects everywhere. I solved some puzzles here in PHP because it has similar syntax and code look but I still miss Powershell.


I’m just curious how many languages you are familiar with except PS and PHP? (no offence)

Pascal and Basic at school, Pascal, C++ and some Assembler in the university, Bat/Cmd at good level, but it is not a full language, of course, and VB and JS scripts (in read only mode, I hate their syntax) in Windows, some Bash (read only) and programs like grep, sed etc in Linux. My good friends are coded in C# and Python - I took a look to them. Additionally, I seen code of open source projects in Perl, Delphi (object Pascal), and some other languages. Of course, I read old books about Cobol, Fortran and Lisp and new blog posts about Haskell, Brainfuck, Ruby and fancy web JS frameworks. I was curious about Php and Java and spend some time to try to learn their basics. Oh, and some scripting languages in Windows programs like Proxomitron and AutoIt with narrow usability region.

Long list, but, look, I am not a coder. I just looked code and projects written on them and sometimes tried to learn them but every time I feel it is not mine. Powershell is special for me. I like how it looks and I like the way it works. First time It seems like cmd scripting but much more powerful and with objects everywhere. After time, it seems more like C#, full complex language but with easier learning curve.

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I don’t know why I am Max18 here, maybe it is some sort of confusing. For information, I am a 35+ system administrator )

Sure can! The github repo is “PowerShell for every system!”

I’d like to use powershell in here too!

Hello, I’m also interested by using Powershell to solve puzzles here. I think it can contribute to enlarge the CG community not only for developpers but also for Ops people.

I would also be happy to have powershell.

We already have here C hashtag and F tic-tac-toe. :wink:

syntax wise C# and powershell have nothing in common.

You missed the meme.