Can you earn point on past contest or AI battle?

Hi all,

I haven’t participate in the latest AI battles and contests.

I was wondering if I’ll earn point if I submit an AI now after the end of the contest/ AI battle?

Hello @Palmipedus,

There is no end to AI battle, so you can participate and earn points. It’s different for contests which last for 8 days every 2 months. Next contest is in 10 days!
I advise you to check the small help button you can find on the “Ranking” tile in your profile for more information.
I hope it helps!

Yes that was what I wanted to know. Thanks

Does this mean that there officially will be no more short contests (like There Is No Spoon)? Not a bad thing. I strongly prefer the 8-day format.

  • danBhentschel

They’ve always been 8 days since I’m here :stuck_out_tongue:

There is actually a reason why we stopped doing short contests: time zones. For 4-hours contests, it was just not fun if it started at 5AM in your time zone. I can’t say if we’ll come back eventually to 48-hours contests. For sure it’s not planned yet.