Can you guess the next contest? (Code of Kutulu)

I thought it would be perfect fit to play a guess game. So the rule is simple, you guess what the next contest will be like.

I bet it’s an RPG like game with heavy focus on optimization. Probably even close to vindinium.
Btw that game is now hosted by a fan:

I guess it will be a game playable by coders. And I would assume that it’s in a Lovecraftian universe.

After sacrificing a bunch of goldfishes in Its Glorious Name (:space_invader:), I’ve got the following vision: a Populous like game where coders play malevolent entities (the real ones, not those from ERD) indirectly battling each other by asserving poor humans using indirect means… Or it would be a more direct Street Fighter game between Chtulhu and Hastur.

Since the theme is Lovecraft, i see 3 solutions:

  • We handle a group of cultist and we want to awaken our great ancient before the enemy. For that, we have to sacrifice humans. Many humans. SACRIFICE ALL THE HUMANS ! It could be a game near Code Buster.

  • We are a great ancient. We control the cultists and our monsters. The more cultists we have, the more monsters we can have in the mortal world. Maybe something like platinum rift 1 ?

  • We handle a group of investigator and we are here to prevent a great ancient summoning. We move on a board to find clue and close portals. Something near the Arkham Horror board game.

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Your post makes me wonder how likely could it be we get an asymmetrical game with ancients vs humans? Or cultists vs regular humans.

I remember when we were designing MeanMax. The question of an asymmetrical contest was here at a time. But it has many downside:

  • Close to impossible to make something balanced according to the time we have
  • If the game is very asymmetrical, it mean that players will have to create 2 differents IA. Because we can’t force a player to always play the same side (codingame platform don’t support it)

Makes me think of some kind of dungeon crawler, so maybe something grid base like HS or the great escape.

An RPG could be nice, something a bit like MOBAs where you need to level up / farm faster than your enemy to become stronger faster and win because you are stronger. Would be nice.


Yeah asymmetrical games are ALWAYS unbalanced. It’s nearly impossible to balance well enough so that new players can have a balanced experience versus experienced player. It’s pretty much always, new players always win on this side and good player always win on the other side. Cause there is always that “when you know, it’s easy” kind of problem.

Most games like that will do a “2 round” match to switch sides to kind of make it balanced, but, please, someone think of those poor servers.

Some players in chat were saying it might be a solo optimization puzzle based on the picture.

Based on the title and the picture, what if it’s actually a reverse engineering versus mode? You need to decode something to gain bonuses and these would help you defeat your opponent or this is exactly how you defeat the opponent.

I know I wont make a lot of friends by saying that… but having to explore a map with a line of sight/fog of war would be nice. A solo optimization could fit with that. Walking through a dungeon having to find treasures/loot or fighting enemies, checking around the corner, or maybe even have to avoid enemies, by guessing where they will go and take a path around.

Mixing a labyrinth with line of sight/fog of war and guessing enemies movement to avoid them or get them from behind and kill them. Or even have a concept of orientation, to where you are looking at so you see in one direction, while something could be comming from behind :smiley:

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That’s an interesting idea. A lot of Lovecraftian books have to do with losing sanity, so I was thinking that might be part of the mechanics. Like maybe you have to explore but as you encounter monsters you lose sanity and have to go back to a base or something to restore.


Well since there’s a frame limit, there’s likely nothing you could restore. :o

Can I get some sort of prize? My guess was pretty much on the money. =D


My unbounded admiration ?