Can you guess the next contest? (LEGENDS OF CODE AND MAGIC)

Similar to the last guess the contest thread, only difference of course it’s about guessing the next one.

Old thread here btw if you’re curious:

So the last 2 contests don’t seem to have been true to their title. This one might be different to the good old might and magic genre, but there’s still hope.

Could it be you control a about 3 units on a hexagonal map? Sort of like code of kutulu meets coders of the caribbean?

I’m more interested in the “This contest will have a special format” and “We’re already inviting you to join the next community contest in July, Legends of Code & Magic, with a brand new format!
(We’ll tell you more soon)” parts

Maybe a better ladder system?

I don’t think the ladder system will change. I think the format will be different than a 10 days contest. Maybe a 48h contest.

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I would like to see a 30days contest

We talk a lot about 48h contest and the unfairness of them for community contest. It’s probably gonna last longer than 10 days, or add some sort of outside the game things.

The contest page states “4 hours + 10 days?” :confused:

EDIT: Now the page just shows a question mark :joy:

I think it changed 3 times. Truth is, we don’t know exactly yet. But we will tell you as soon as we decide.

Please no more 4 player games…

Could be the world map part of Heroes of Might and Magic, having some kind of pre-determined combat issues like gitc. Combining micro and macro, training units and moving your hero / troops around, maybe like CR a bit. Could be nice to have so counter unit tactics, like unit A does 150% damage to unit B, unit C beats unit A etc, so you train accordingly.

We’ll see, I feel both combat part of might and magic or the world map part would be pretty easy to have a “perfect solution”, but most games based on real game had a twist making it more CG friendly, I’m not worried. Like Code Royale is pretty different from Clash Royale in the end (or did I miss the reference to another game ?)

A google search of “legends of might and magic” returns a shooter based on these popular turn based strategy games.

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