Cannot login with Google anymore (changed e-mail)

Hi! I have a Google account. I don’t know how that happened but it was linked not to but my other e-mail address. It means I had a Google account but had not Gmail. And as my e-mail it always used my non-gmail address. I also used it to login in other services (like Codinggame).
I was totally fine with it until recently I finally created a Gmail account and now my logins with Google account broke on some cites. Now I have two e-mails linked to Google but it picks up my gmail mail, not the old one.

So… I can’t log into my codingame account anymore. When I tried to login with Google account it used my gmail address ( and created new account here. When I tried to login by using my old e-mail ( it tells me to use Google-account instead… And login with Google cannot use my old e-mail :frowning:

Here’s how you can solve this:

Codingame account1 linked to
CodinGame account2 linked to

  1. I believe you can delete account2 since it’s empty
  2. Click on retrieve password and enter email so you’ll be able to generate a new password for account1
  3. Log in on account1 with the new password. Go to your settings and change your email address to Then you’ll be able to login via google

Let me know if you manage to make it working

It worked! :slight_smile: Thanks! I was terrified and thought I’ve lost all progress I had on that account.

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