Can't find out how to read a "private message"

Hi mates

The title bar of the tab where I opened the home page is blinking and says “Someone sent you a message.”. Obviously, though I’m not a native English reader, I can understand such a simple sentence. What I can’t grasp is, WHERE (how?) can I find and read such message? Any help?

Mmm… I’m not using the chat! The title bar started blinking while I was enjoying a Clash of Code challenge (the code editor page was opened). Indeed, it IS still blinking even now that I’m writing here in the forum. And I still can’t find any way to read a message.

People can send you messages on chat even if you’re not using it. If you open the chat, you can see private messages below the two default general chats.

I Also can’t finde chat when I have opened game window. I really liked to write questions about game.

There is no webchat on the Codingame website now. You can still ask questions on this forum or in Discord chat.