Can't run my solutions

Hello - I have been happily creating solutions to some of the solo puzzles in Vb.Net for the last month or so. But today, when I go to run any of my solutions I get an error

Console output


/bin/bash: /opt/coderunner/dotnet/cg/vb/ No such file or directory

Am I doing something stupid?

:wave: Hi @mclaus and all the CodinGamers (specially the admins @_CG_SaiksyApo, @_CG_Simon, @_CG_Keelhaul, @_CG_Maximilien, @_CG_Maxime, @_CG_jupoulton2) : no, you’re not stupid, for at least 2 reasons :

  1. you use CodinGame to become a better developer :slight_smile: ,
  2. all the CodinGame platform is actually (since a couple of hours) experimenting issues executing solutions in at least 3 languages :, C# and F# …

I hope the CodinGame team will quickly discover and solve the problem for all of us :wink:
→ May the patience be with you :handshake: !

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