After a few games of Clash of Code I am now forced to solve one or more captchas every time I want to join a clash. Is there a way to disable it?

This is a mechanism against bots in clash of code. You should get it after a lot of clashes, not just “a few”.

Hi, I have the same “problem”.
I played a lot of clashes (~50 in a day) because I really like that plateform.
Is there a way to have to complete a captcha like every 5 times, and not every single times I wanna start a clash ? :confused:
I understand the importance of captchas, it’s just that I guess it’d be difficult for a bot to solve 50 different captchas in a row… Of course, it’d create a security issue as, if I have to complete a captcha every 5 times I clash, that means I may use a bot for the 4 other times.
Side not: what you test is the amount of clash made during a certain amount of time, so it only protects from “intensive” bots, not from “slow” bots. What about “intensive” humans ? x3

I second that!.. please be nice to us and implement something like this

This is awful, I can’t just play, I have to pass 10 captcha’s sometimes. I’m not a bot, I played 100 games in 3 days.

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