Cg-brutaltester, Onitama

Hello world, I tried to use the “cg-brutaltester” ,of @Magnus, for the Onitama bot, I did Install Maven, made the cg-brutaltester.jar. I tried to make the referee of onitama, with modification on the “pom.xml” and I add the “CommandLineInterface”, but I cant make it work, the compilation failed.
Someone here succeded to make the referee for this game?
Perhaps we could add it to the list of ready to compile list of referee on the GituHub.

It’s Magus :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the error ?

it is errors on the “CommandLineInterface” :

It’s pretty weird since the compiler says there’s error on almost all lines of the files.

I renamed “” in “CommandLineInterface.class” so now the compilation work.
But when i try to do the tests i still have an error
(not sure if I have to use the -o or not but either way it dont work)