CG Enhancer


CG Enhancer

Hey everyone,

I recently developped a script to make one’s life easier, especially during multi/contests.

It comes with multiple features, like renaming a submit, fast agent selection and unexpected battle result highlights. Everything you’ve always wanted CG to do.

The script currently works on chrome, chromium and firefox. It might work on chromium-based browser, such as opera and safari, but was not tested.

Hope you’ll find it useful!

How to install

This tool is a userscript. It has to be installed through a userscript manager, such as Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey. Greasemonkey is not supported. If you have none, consider violentmonkey which is open source. When installed, click here to install CG Enhancer.

When installed, click here to install CG Enhancer.

What does it do

For an exhaustive list, please visit the github repository.

To give you a sneak peek, here are three gifs that sum up almost the whole script:



It also disable notifications sounds and some annoying one, like follow and clash-invite.

You can find the source code on github.




I really like the renaming of the submits.


Good news, CG Enhancer is now fully operational on Firefox. Download link here. :partying_face:

However, Greasemonkey is not supported. Stick to tampermonkey or violentmonkey. I don’t know whether greasemonkey is still used or not, so if you are using it, please tell me and I’ll make CGE work on it. Same thing if you use another manager with a different API.

Have fun on Codingame!