Cg golf stats - track your code golf scores easily!


Disclaimer: Yes, I know that there are already some online tools which have similar features.

So, why yet another tool?
Because I find that code golf ranking are hard to track due to the top 5 submissions per languages being taken into account. When opening your profile page, it’s not easy to quickly spot on which challenges you can improve your score, by submitting solutions in new languages, or improving the top 5.
Even with existing tools, there is no view per exercise, only individual score per languages.

This tool will extract your scores from code golf category, and provide a nice aggregated view in a csv file, which you can open with your favorite spreadsheet tool :slight_smile: For example use sorting to check on which challenges you perform well, and which one need more work to climb up the code golf ranking.

@Eric_EGU @Westicles @pardouin @Regulus136 @5DN1L @milosMATRIXrepic @mikmak @__yel__p @tachan @dbdr I guess some of you already have similar tools, but if not you may find this useful :slight_smile:


I’ve made something in c++ but it works only on my computer.