CG Multi: Yet Yet Another CodinGame Stats page

Hey all,

I made a tool to help visualizing one’s ranks in a multi and comparing people’s rankings.
You can find it here:
CG multi

Leaderboards are parsed only once an hour so it is not entirely responsive to your latest pushes.
Like other tools, it is limited to the top1000 of each leaderboards, and thus might not find your ranks on some multi.

Write pseudos separated by spaces to compare different accounts.

You can also find the code on github. Feel free to help!


Nice work.

It would be nice that pseudos are passed as url parameters, so it can be shared on chat


So that we can all know who’s got the biggest … rank ?

You can now do it:
Locam is now available as well.

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Damn Marchete is first on the best game ever. :tada:

Spoiler: It’s not Game of Drone.


nice tool; impressive hit list Marchete

As some of you might have noticed, there is a new tab on cgmulti: statistics.
This tab displays the number of players in the top1000 who submitted a new AI a given day (an idea of @reCurse).
I am still unsure of how to display them (I’m waiting for more statistics to make a decision) but if you wonder which multis are active and what active means on codingame, have a look!

(note that you can click on any game above the chart to hide it, which can be useful for LoCM that flatten the graph).


awesome! Probably more relevant to make a view / week (once you have enough stats)

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