CG servers overloard, graceful notifications


It’s been really funny trying to start the Fall Challenge 2020 at 16 P.M. (Paris time). The server just couldn’t handle it. I even got to restart the Onboarding mission which was crazy to see. How did the server code manage to do that ?! Joke aside :

  1. Outside of the IDE. It would be nice if the server just gave us a notification , and put us in a numbered queue, so we can just wait until it’s possible to start/join the contest.

  2. Inside the IDE, same story. Sometimes requests take longer, and today a lot of people report timing out during the contest. I experienced very high server loads writing a REST client against a trading server, and we always got a notification when the server just can’t handle our requests. I think CG could do something similar to the network error popup for overload situations.

Just my two cents,