CGFileMerge - Merge multi file workspace into one cg conform file


I already posted it in the chat, but why not also over it here.
We all know the Problem of all classes in one file and it can be a mess.

Thats why i wrote quite a while ago a tool to merge my local workspace into one cg conform file

This little program has the following features (or should have when the last changes are added):

  • remove all package lines and merge everything in the default package
  • merge imports of all files found identified by the line starting with import and remove those of in-project imports
  • replace all modifiers in front of class, interface, enum and remove it public class -> class
  • writes everything into a output file at the given location
  • watches the given directory for changes and automatically merges them into the output file (this way i can be used with CgSync and CgLocal to directly send the saved changes to the web ide)

Hope you like it and it helps you to handle your code :wink:

Got one report that it does not work on linux. Didn’t try it myself by now on linux.


Thanks for this project !

I successfully ran it with maven on my linux system.