Changing school / university

I know that for most it is of little importance, but I’m writing this for the minority not to be surprised:
I’m changing my school from University of Warsaw to University of Wroclaw. My high education history && events:

  • 2003 - 2010: University of Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, Title: Master of Computer Science, Master Thesis: Analysis of heuristic algorithms for the knapsack problem 3D
  • 2019: I joined CodinGame; I met @aCat (lecturer from University of Wroclaw, main organizer of UWr CodinGame contest team)
  • 2022 May: There was a conference at University of Wroclaw about 5-contest-win row in school / university category and I was invited as guest lecturer; start talks about PhD at UWr
  • 2022 June: advance talks about PhD at UWr; exam for PhD studies
  • 2022 September: I’m starting PhD studies at University of Wroclaw, Institute of Computer Science, Research area: Artificial Intelligence; @aCat will be my auxiliary promoter

UW: University of Warsaw
UWr: University of Wroclaw


Wow, good luck with your PhD!