Chat connection failed

Hello, i got this error on the chat : The connection with the server failed.
I can’t join any room.

Question is, am i the only one or is it general ?


I’m getting this too…but I can still play clash etc.

Me too “The connection with the server failed.”

I also get it. I also start seeing the chat pop out each time I open a clash or puzzle. It didn’t used to do so in the past

Davaniah, you killed the chatbot when you tried to connect to the chat with Pidgin? :smile:

u can open CG without the chat by adding ?disableChat at the end of a page link


Mad, you’re my new hero!

That shouldn’t happen. If the chat is closed, it doesn’t open when I open a puzzle. Could you reproduce the issue and tell me how to do it?

I really hope that wasnt my fault when i tried to login chat with Pidgin :slight_smile: If it’s the case, im really sorry about that !

Neat trick. Going to add an extension to just add ?disableChat at each URL.

inb4 :stuck_out_tongue:

Now it does not happen anymore, but yesterday it did, while connecting to it failed.

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Next time when it happens let’s meet here (alternative meeting point)

I’ll just add it here:
the chat doesn’t show emoticons anymore

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