Chat Emojis: Suggestions open

Let’s get the emoji party started

Hello, I heard most of you guys were really busy with all those Depth First Search, Complexity, Alpha-Beta, Neural Networks, etc. So in order to get your minds of these and off the -O3 debates, let’s talk about a new thing that came to the chat right about today : Emojis. Emojis are cool, exhibit A:

Now, ya’ll’re probably amazed at the novelty of this feature and spamming the chat of :CG: emojis right about now. But the truth is, we’re just getting started! These emojis are just a first batch of CodinGame emojis and there are more to come, and we need you to help us building a todo list :slight_smile:

So please, try and suggest the next emojis you’d like to see on CodinGame, depending on what you use the most. Or any crazy idea you’d have, like an O3 emoji or a Clojure emoji or a CodeBusters emoji, and we’ll see what our artists come up with :wink:

Right now, the todo list consists of :


We also had an idea about an :ID: emoji that would turn a CodinGamer ID into their avatar. We’ll see if that’s a good idea.

When suggesting an emoji, feel free to add several symbols that would trigger it. For instance, right now :heart: can be triggered both by :heart: and by the unicode character . But not by <3 because that would interfere with people pasting code.

Let’s fill this todo list! What’s on your mind?

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I’m not a cat person so I’ll go for : :dog:

Plus :cow: :cow2: :heart_eyes: :sunglasses: :joy: :astonished:

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Some of my favorite emojis are:








Anybody for Bogey with a Megaphone? :megaphone: :shout: :criminalScum: =O<

Stilly haven’t figured out how to have pictures on this… >.>’

Also… a emoticons for X3 XD

… yeah…

We absolutely need the following emojis:

  • :O3:
  • :bruteforce:
  • :i’m coding with macros because we don’t have O3:
  • :hardcoding like a pro: