Chat panel missing for a few days now


Althought I have a sufficient level to get access to the chat panel, it has not show up for a few days now, is there something going on with the CodinGame site I am not aware of ?..

Par inadvertance, n’aurais-tu pas replié la fenêtre du chat ?

J’ai revérifié, non, elle n’est pas repliée, mais simplement manquante.

As far as I know, they are currently A/B testing the possibility to remove the webchat for relatively new users (you are kind of new since you have less than a month), aiming to definitively remove the chat from the site and moving people to Discord.
Mainly because the XMPP server is a pain to maintain and lack of features.
I may be wrong about the details but surely a CG’s staff would answer to this soon.

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Thank you kindly for your educated answer.

Frankich is absolutely right. We actually started the AB test a while ago but only recently discovered it wasn’t working properly, so we fixed it and now, we’re waiting for results.