Cheaters that use chatgpt

I have come across multiple players using chatgpt during clashofcode battles.
How do i know it? when i saw that they submitted a code in 20 seconds, i copy-pasted the statement into chatgpt to get the exact same code. And for some reason i cant report anyone. (fe:neohr71 finishes every game in 20 seconds with answers from chatgpt)
We need to do something to prevent those players from cheating and ruining the game for everyone else! Maybe running the code through chatgpt and other knowns ai’s and check that the codes provided by players are different.
Feel free to share your experience with this and/or ideas to prevent it.
Thanks in advance for the feedback!


I agree something should be done. I also experienced a user submitting an answer in 20 seconds and win 1st place in clash of code ! Even for very easy problems I have hard time submitting a one liner in less that 40 seconds.

In my opinion, it should be quite straightforward to detect human typing vs massive copy/paste from the online editor logs.

Experienced coders with shortcuts on lock and a fast typing speed (eg 150 wpm) can answer an easy problem in ~15 sec, so a fast answer cannot be an indicator in itself.
Now if the problem is complicated and the user shows the code and you see that it’s too long regarding the time spent, it’s ofc cheat, and must be reported.

A solution might be that CG calculates the wpm for each answer and if it’s suspiciously fast, automatically reports it to a moderator.
The moderator would check if there’s an obvious cheat or if the high wpm makes sense (sometimes it can be explained by the use of the stub, or copypasting sections of your own code, or copypasting a part of the statement that contains data).


Some measures to prevent copying the statement and pasting code could slow cheaters down.

Maybe CoC time is up?


Maybe CoC now stands for Clash of ChatGPT?

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Or CoC stands for Clash of CodieumAI?

Well, there are also bots collecting solutions shared by other players, adding them to their repository and pasting when the task repeats in future games.

I don’t think you can do anything about that. Personally - I don’t care if I see that the bot provided solution faster or if it was shorter in the shortest category. If bot shares the code, I try to learn something from it like it was human submission. After all, we are here to have fun and learn.

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