Choose the type of Clash of Code

I want to be able to choose the clash of code to take part in. I don’t want to play the “shortest” Clash of Code as these are ridiculous and provide no real improvement to everyday needed skill. Deleting a whitespace and competing against different programming languages is just ridiculous in my opinion.

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Hi @T3rm1 … I understand what you mean … but i disagree with you on some points :
→ you’re right, it’s not easy to win “shortest clashes” in some languages against some other ones,
BUT : whereas you don’t think about, be able to read, understand and interact with a part of code in a non conventional/usual formatting is a true skill …
For example, it forces you to be more comprehensive with others’ coding routines, specially when you work in a team (for a job or a shared project)
→ I could personally observe a better coding experience / eye efficiency after a lot of training and “shortest clashes” :wink: !

The requested mode “choosing the type of clash” already exists : it’s one of the available features in Private Clash … you can configure others params too (including languages allowed), share the corresponding link with your friends, or on a social media, and get pleasure with them beyond your own rules …

I’d like you to pay attention too about - sometimes - special clashes events : language specific and clash mode are given as calendar meetings :wink:
→ I think you could enjoy these events too :thinking: : will you ?

As i read somewhere in this forum (sorry for the link), this mode forces you to learn more deep in your language(s) rules, limits, keywords, embedded functions and extended possibilities …
→ and the result is, at least : :one: becoming a better coder, :two: writing a more robust code, and others more benefits …
=> i think we can call this a :brain: true skill ! isn’t it ?
FYI, i learned at least 2 others new languages thanks to CodinGame (for my needs about Clashes : efficiency, shortness or quickness), and some weeks ago : it helped me too at work :wink: !

:raised_hand: Bye to All … have :sun_with_face: sun, :dark_sunglasses: fun and :keyboard: CodinGames :raised_back_of_hand:


What you write makes sense. However, I agree with whoever posted the question that it would be even more right to enable these challenges only by grouping together those who use the same language. Because many times the bytes you use in Python to write the entire code are equivalent to just Java’s “public static void main string args”! lol

:wave: Hi and sorry :tipping_hand_man: @T3rm1 and @CodeBoss for this disappointment …
→ as i said, you may become a better and more efficient programmer/developer adding another language to your skills, like Python, or Ruby :wink: !
(you can see it as a special benefit offered by the CodinGame platform :rofl: :+1: …)