Choosing Best Solution of Two


Here is my first request. What I would do if you put me in change.

After each one of our solutions, we are given the option to look at two different solutions to the same problem from others.

Their solution is in the same language, and aside from the veracity of which two solutions you have chosen to show, I found ONE GLOWING PROBLEM!!!

Let me say that one of the two solutions is AWESOME. It has code that is really sweet, something that I want to study for a long time. A method that would settle me into a lucid dream all night.
You get my point.

The problem is that if I choose that solution as the best of the two. Your engine turns the code of that solution into a beige under a white background. So it becomes inherently invisible for me … NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I want to go back and give it the bad rating so that I can return and read it again.

I suggest. For free. That you just convert it to black text on a white background. You already have a tag added that says it is the chosen Awesome Code.

There are other more elegant ways to show the best chosen code. But again. The problem exists.

I absolutely want to return to some solutions and study their methods.
I cannot if by chosing their solution as best and your engine changes the code so only God and young kids without 3X glasses can still see the beautiful code…


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