Clash Contribution Guidelines Updates

I’m looking to create some new clashes, but I’m finding there are unwritten rules that can’t be broken for inputs and outputs in clashes and other puzzles.

One is that you have to have ASCII-compatible inputs and outputs since some languages (like C) can’t easily interpret unicode or extended-ASCII.

Another is that there is some limit to the size of integers that some languages can deal with as inputs or outputs. I’m having trouble finding what the hard limit is for this particular rule. Could someone clarify what the maximum integer allowable as an input/output in a clash would be? Apparently some languages are limited to 2^31-1 (2147483647). I know JavaScript’s base limit is 2^53-1 (9007199254740991) but that users can move to “BigInt” to overcome this.

Is it ok to make a clash that requires users to use such functions/modules/libraries in order to engage?

It would be nice to update the community guidelines to include details like these.


Here’s an example of some code for solving a clash idea I have that tries to use all available ASCII characters as a base-95 numeral system and asks the user to print the integer represented by ASCII strings.

But it very quickly goes beyond the apparent 2^31-1 limit for some languages. It would be good to know what the acceptable limit is on before submitting/developing such a clash.