Clash count issue


On the home page I see 47/50 Clash, but on my profile the 50 Clash Achievement is unlocked. I guess one of the count is wrong :wink:

In the achievements, the private clashes are counted, and not on the quest map. I think you did 3 private clashes.
I don’t know if it is a bug or a wanted feature.

I have such bug too. Achievement’s count and CoC home page count are different and I don’t play any private clash. I don’t care much about it since it only 1 clash difference but it would be nice if it get fixed eventually

image image

I hope they won’t fix it ^^ I played a lot of private clashes.

I will never be able to play 500 clashes by waiting for shortest C/C++ at the good hours.

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Thanks for the clarification! Maybe the UX can be improved by displaying public and private counts on profile page.

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