Clash - Flash - Draw a face - PHP - Bug


I ve done a reverse clash, where to draw a face:

! | o V - \_/

fscanf(STDIN, "%s %s %s %s %s %s",


|o o|
| V |
| - |

there is no bug, but something what is confusing for newcomers, I also saw it in other puzzles and the first time I did not find the problem.
When you begin to do the puzzles here, you learn your output string in PHP has to end with \n, you can also read in each, also this, default code:


but this is one of the less puzzles, which requires an output without linebreak, even if the default code says:

// Write an action using echo(). DON'T FORGET THE TRAILING \n
// To debug (equivalent to var_dump): error_log(var_export($var, true));


If you play a 5min clash or are new, that is very confusing, when you see the output is equal to the test case, but console shows an error and you cannot find a mistake in the output.
Please fix that, if necessary always a linebreak at the end of an output string or better was no additional sign behind the solution ouput.

best regards