Clash of Code : Bugs & Improvement

We will add new clashes next week, hopefully, that should reduce the number of people that copy/paste. But please, do not use the survey to report the cheaters, the real issues with the clashes will be more difficult to see.

Adding new clashes isn’t going to do anything to help with the copy paste unless you are adding hundreds of them.

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I am supposedly in a clash right now but I never even got to see the IDE - an error message flashed up before anything happened. I then tried to submit a report where it asks if I had a problem with the clash but that gave an error too. Others seem to be submitting so it must be just me. I will come last out of 8 without even having seen the problem. Not good.

I just had 2 bugs on clash 310107abdbca2949b27df5f56a3d7bd0c4bbf:

  • the clash didn’t launch at 00:00:00 but just froze, I had to press F5
  • when I submitted, my score wasn’t displayed, it was continuously “loading”, I had to press F5 after a while

I moved 2 posts to an existing topic: Clojure platform feedback

This is a very real issue. I hope you are planning on implementing a way to report cheaters for review.

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If cheaters are to be reported (and supposedly punished), please also implement a way for players who have already seen a clash to leave it without “forfeiting”. :slight_smile:


The feature to suggest new clash is really nice, thank you!

What would be very useful is a page where we could see our contributions and their status (accepted / pending / rejected).
Moreover, I think that developers from CodinGame should be able to comment the contributions in order to shortly explain why it was rejected or what was changed before the validation.

This kind of advice will allow us to improve our future suggestions and prevent same repeated mistakes, in order to facilitate your work.

You know, if you have seen a clash before you can just reimplement it instead of copy & pasting it from somewhere. That is what I do.

If the puzzle is fun or really short, that’s what I do too (copy/pasting is slower than reimplementing most flash puzzles).

But some puzzles, especially in the reflection category… are just long and tedious. No real thinking involved, just a bunch of tests and a lot of room for small mistakes. If I want to write the same tedious code over and over, I might as well not take breaks and keep working! :smiley:

Also, we’re only talking about “fastest” puzzles here, right? If you have already seen the statement of a “reverse” clash, even reimplementing it is cheating. And for golfing, what’s complicated is thinking about how to reduce the code, not actually writing it, so remembering the puzzle is already an unfair advantage too.

We are glad that you like the CoC contribution feature :slight_smile:

We are actually working on that page. You’ll soon be able to access a list of your contributions and their current status.

At the moment admins have to enter a custom message when they reject a contribution (rejection has not happened already). But we don’t explain what was changed before the validation, and that’s something we should do, thanks for the suggestion!

For your information, we have received around 50 contributions. We are slowly adding them to the pool of questions.
Thanks to all the contributors.


I would love to have the option to know beforehand that a clash will be “shortest” (so i can avoid it when i don’t feel in the mood for shortest …)

As a CodinGamer, I would like to compare my code to the other ones after the clash to see where I can improve.


As a CodinGamer, I would like to have the ability to select a difficulty for a Game Mode suitable for my current skill level and knowledge. (e.g. Coffee Break - Novice, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert) It seems there is a plethora of contributed codes and none of the are categorized in difficulty levels, so they end up being served in the general Game Mode pool without being sorted or categorized into different difficulties, so most of them are sometimes too complex for me to understand, and sometimes I feel discouraged that I’m not able to complete an exercise because the code goes beyond my knowledge. In the other hand, it would be nice if CodinGame would have this feature, so whenever I feel ready to keep advancing and competing with more advanced coders/programmers I can do so with knowing I will be ready for the next levels.

Your’s Sincerely,

Give a score bonus if a codinGamer can solve the clash without Paste-ing .
(but the cheaters will use a macro)
then give another bonus if the gamer never loses focus on the editor.

or just print a Donkey image at the side of the clash winner if he copy-pasted everything!

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How about those using their own editor?

I’ve just got an empty code window in CoC reverse.
Wasted precious time trying to switch to another lang and back and to write all that code that was always available before.
stuff like
import java.util.*;
like public class Solution {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Scanner s = new Scanner
etc (yes. i like java)

Is that another new feature?

I actually like this feature :slight_smile: Good for shortest mode.
P.S. Looks like stubs are empty everywhere, not just CoC. That’s sad.

Code generator are broken, you may not play CoC till someone fix it.

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