[Clash of Code] Choosing language before clash starts

In Clash of Code, language choice can be critical. Currently there are no good options to choose the right language fast. All you can do is move your mouse to drop-down menu where list of languages is defined in somewhat weird fashion - first some “more common” (many of those are useless for CoC), then alphabetical.

One cannot select the preferred language before the start of the clash. For example, I do not know much about Bash, but I know some tricks in Bash which are useful in Shortest mode. So if I have such a Shortest clash where Bash is necessary, next clash I will have to lose several seconds to switch to my preferred Python using point-and-click technique.

Please change this!

  1. Let us pre-select language before the clash starts.
  2. Let us customize the list of “favorite” languages.
  3. Provide hotkeys for language change so we don’t have to use mouse/touchpad to change language.

You just have to enter the IDE in any puzzle, change your language and it will became your default language.

I have tried that. It does not work that way. The CoC language remains the same.
Besides, even if it worked, it is really uncomfortable to do that each time I want to change default language in next clash, isn’t it?

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Is there an update? The trick with changing a language in a different puzzle does not work, even if I open the puzzle after a clash ends and before the next one starts.

Honestly, we’re not going to do anything about that anytime soon. I’m sorry. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that there are several things on the platform worth improving before tackling this.

We’ll try to improve the Community Contributions part before improving the whole Clash of Code experience.