Clash of Code clarification question(s)

I really enjoy the Clash of Code mode, and I want to show it to some (beginner programmer) friends, but there are a couple of things I’m unsure about, and I don’t want to experiment because it would screw up my nice ranking…

Mostly, is there an actual time limit? I’d like to try a private clash (and let my friends win, of course :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I don’t want them to fail by just running out of time altogether, and I’m a bit worried about the “5 to 15 minutes max”. Elsewhere in the forums/FAQ I saw some mention of different difficulty levels with different time limits, but not sure if that is stale information - I wasn’t able to set a difficulty level when I was testing out the private clash feature.

Also, I understand that there are 3 modes that affect the ranking of all the people who submit the right answer, but what happens if you submit an answer that doesn’t pass all the tests? do they get disqualified? can they resubmit? I’m also a bit worried about high DQ rates if I just throw a bunch of beginners at this.


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Not an official answer, but I played them over the time in several spans of weeks.

There used to be ways to select how long the clash was, now all take 15 minutes and all have just one ranking.

Even if you don’t pass all tests, the rank you get gives/takes points to/from you.

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