Clash Of Code Contribution Post Feedback

Is there any way to see the feedback after a CoC contribution is accepted and made it to the clash? We can give feedback after the clash ends but I don’t find a way to see feedback for my contributions. However we can see the rating for a Classic puzzle.

How the feedback is collected and used?

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Feedbacks are not available to authors.

At the end of a clash, any player can rate it according to 4 criteria (or 3 in case of reverse):

  • fun
  • difficulty
  • statement quality
  • relevance of test cases

Players can also add a comment if they encountered an issue.

The moderation bot uses the ratings to eventually remove modes or an entire contribution from the clash pool.
We use the comments to check a specific clash, but it’s rare. The amount of comments makes it overwhelming to continuously track them.

We wanted to simplify this and allow authors (and moderators?) to see the ratings and comments to be able to improve the contribution. Also, we wanted to simplify the 4 ratings down to one.

These changes might be included in our next focus on the contribution process. It’s not part of our short term plans though. Can’t really say when we’ll be able to work on that. I hope this summer.

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Thanks for the details. Do Bot remove the CoC contribution if it gets a very bad feedback in one clash or it considers bad reviews from multiple clashes?

after multiple reviews, it checks the average rating for each criteria against a threshold. Also, it’s per mode

I guess we give more weightage to the feedback for issue with clash.

Are the clashes with very low ratings removed from the pool?
It’s either: not working or my evaluation of a clash is way different then the community rates it.

Have some deleted clashes below. It’s also possible that only one mode (e.g. reverse) gets disabled while another (shortest) is enjoyable enough for participants. But I don’t have data on that.

Good job! :clap:

There are some more work thou :wink:


Math big secret.