Clash of Code difficulty

this is my first topic here. Thanks to CodinGame for giving us this website!
I’ve seen a few discussions about the difficulty level of CoCs, but they all seem old ( more than 6 months ), so I’ll start a discussion myself!
Here to train my development skills, the first CoCs were good. But out of the last 15, there were maybe only one or two that weren’t very easy.
By very easy I mean, for the fastest mode for example, it’s more “fastest typing” than “fastest designer”.
For example, doing a loop for each given number X, to display a string with a given letter repeated X times, is not very good training ^^'.
Is CoC designed to be used by very beginners only ?

Thanks for reading !

I completely agree with this take.

IMO there need to be questions which correlate to a user’s rank. As far as I know, the system uses TrueSkill to determine user rating. It would make sense that as a user increases in skill they are given questions which are increasingly difficult (think moving from easy to medium on leetcode).

The question contribution form needs to be updated so that submitting problems is VERY easy. Having a wide variety of problems is awesome and facilitating that should be a primary target. It is free content for CodinGame, afterall. You’d think they would want to make that as easy as possible.