Clash of Code intersection of circles

I’m a bit confused about the maximum intersections of circles codegolf problem in Clash of Code. The problem states that the circles aren’t on top of each other, which I read as non-overlapping. However, the result expected is the maximum amount of intersections of overlapping circles.

Am I misreading “on top of”, as it could also mean “equal”, as that’s an uncomputable case given the problem?

EDIT: Accidentally wrote the opposite of what I meant. Fix’d.

In this context, “on top of each other” means "equal’. The mathematical way: a circle has no area.

Would you have a better way of saying it, that we could edit the clash with?

Hmm. To be honest, this is a tough one. For myself, I would have understood the premise better, if it had said “overlapping but not on top of each other”, or “overlapping, non-equal”. Hm. Perhaps if there is just an added mention of overlapping? That might be a given, but as it wasn’t there, the “on top of each other” threw me for a loop.

(Also, gonna ninja-edit my post, as what I meant was “not on top of each other” can also mean “not equal”, didn’t mean “on top of” meaning “not equal”.)

Oh it’s that mathy one? I could never get it right, but I think it has to do with some combination maths. nC2 probably. No idea how it works though.