Clash of Code is meant for human coders only, please prove you aren't a bot!

Hi guys

Do you know why the page show “Clash of Code is meant for human coders only, please prove you aren’t a bot!”… Sure I’m not a bot…

This box appears when you do a huge amount of clashes in the same day.

So if i can clash again after some times(serveral days or hours)? Until now I still I can’t do it. Thanks~

You should get a captcha. After solving it, you can still clash.
And yes, this will be resetted after a while.

How can I get the captcha? I have check my email but don’t find some one like captcha to verify.
BTW, below image show my page:

Many thanks!

the “security check” is just needing your click on a box saying “I am not a robot”. No code to fill in. What browser was in use? Did you suppress pop-ups or js? Any alert signal showing at the corners of your browser needing your approval to display something?
I am using Chrome with standard config, and met the 'security check" without locking me out.

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Currently i use chrome, and not suppress pop or js. Also there’s no alert sign to show… I konw what you mean…normal case just need to click one button that show me not a bot. I also try firefox, show as:

That’s really strange. Still thank you.

Thank you for all your help…Finally I find the root cause is that the capthca api can’t access in China…Now it’s OK after I use VPN to login. Thanks!

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