Clash of code is only for human coders!What should I do?

Emm…I can start a code of clash because when I click “JOIN” button , it says that Clash of code is only for human coders!Please prove that you’re not a bot!Iam sure that I am not a bot.But there is only a sentense in the website,there is nothing else.What should I do next to start a code of clash?
I use Chrome,and I am Chinese.

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If i remember well, CodinGame use the google recaptcha. Maybe this recaptcha is blocked in your country.


No, same here, but not in China.

Normally there’s a checkmark button, you only have to click on it.
If it’s not there, maybe try to virtually locate yourself somewhere else.
I don’t see many Chinese users in the leaderboard so there might be restrictions for them.

same with me,I can’t joined CoC since yesterday. Normally, the Captcha didn’t work with firefox but workable in chrome. Apart from chrome, and firefox, I have tried in opera, microsoft edge but have similar results.
Hope, the matter is resolved asap.

I Just Found This Website Yesterday And Today I Have Done A Lot Of Clashes Until This Happened:
When I Clicked The ‘Join’ Button, It Opened An Error Website And Told Me To Prove That I was Not A Robot.
Well, Sure I’m Not A Robot, I’m Just A Person Who Likes Coding, I Don’t Know What To Do Now, Because I Can’t See The ‘Prove’ Button…
Maybe You Will Say That I Should Get A CaptchaI, But I Wait For Some Minutes And Still Can’t See Anything In My Email.

Question: What Should I Do To Prove That I’m Not A Robot?

Waiting For Your Reply~~

Usually you just click on a checkbox and that’s it.
You might also have to click on pictures (for example car pictures).

But there’s no mail sent or whatever.

Well, I Can’t Login On Google Chrome…