Clash of Code issue

Hi all, I have some issues with the Clash of Code mode these days. When the game should start (after the end of timer) it does no start easily. This problem happens multiple times and there are many retries (with a new timer), until at some points the game finally launched. I have notice the problem with two computers and different browsers. Moreover, it does not seems to come from me, because other clashers are waiting with me in the “room”. Do we have any clues?


will ping the dev team. Thank you

Still happening… I have noticed that this happen when the “room” is full.

It seems that this issue has been fixed.

I have same problem. I tried on different browsers, windows and mac.

I’va also the same problem !!!
When waiting the Clash to begin, I don’t see the other opponent and then when Chash is launching nothing happens!!

I must refresh the page to enter !!

same problem to me…

same problem to me also

Just had this issue, was working fine this morning. I was unsure whether to make a new thread or post here, but since I found this one I figured I’d try here.

Same problem for me, the Clash doesn’t start. I had the same problem last weekend. And I think I lost points as if I had failed the Clash.

I had access to the Clash by reloading the web page. But only few seconds before the end of the Clash. So I completely failed without have a chance to success.