Clash of Code / (Lack of) Puzzle Randomness

It appears to me that the puzzle selection in CoC is not entirely random. I suspect there’s some metric involved in the puzzle selection algorithm favoring easy to solve puzzles.

This leads to the situation that

  • A few puzzles are repeated over and over
  • The average difficulty of selected puzzles is very low (I’d even call the median “too easy”)
  • New community submissions show up more often (and then “disappear” after a few hours)

Anyone else observing this? Any plans to adapt the “random” selection algorithm?

The selection of CoC is not random. If I remember well, it searches first for a CoC that no player has resolved yet, starting from the older puzzles.

Not all Clashes are available when playing private Clash. Only when you play public Clash, everything is available.

I’m not referring to private clashes. It’s someting I observe in “public” clashes.

An hour ago, again, I got to solve the same puzzle twice in a row. I know there’s some statistic probability that this happens. But there are too many outliers and I have to reject the “random hypothesis”.

Nobody here said it was random :thinking: I’m pretty sure you have to solved it twice but in different mode

I’m not saying it has to be random. I’m saying it’s too predictive …