Clash of Code - List of my clashes

Can we have a list of clashes that the user participated in ?
And maybe some more statistics.


Great idea!
In statistics, we could have stats about type of challenge (shortest code, fastest code, unknown problem … )


In my opinion, there should be a way to select which types of Clash of Code you want to engage in.

I really love the concept but, for instance, ‘shortest code’ does not improve any skill what so ever. I really dislike it.

To enjoy some games of Clash of Code, I am, at the moment, being forced to play some games of ‘shortest code’.

Hereby I suggest that an improvement so that people decide which type of Clash of Code they want to be matched in. Just like we do now based on time.

Just my 2 cents, great site and great idea :smiley:


Still no way to view them?