[Clash of Code] Pick time from last modification rather than submission

In Clash of Code, the time used for the final score is picked when the user hits the Submit button. I think it would be more fair if time was taken from the last time the code was edited. Or if it’s not feasible to compute a non-cheating time from the client side, pick the last time a user hits the Test All Cases button (implied, pick the time from the server side), granted the code did not change between the tests and the submission.

Why this? Running tests in a clash with lots of tests is unfair for people with a high latency. What’s more, people often submit their code blindly (i.e. without running all the tests) because the tests are taking too long, and saving those 20 secs or so for testing can make a huge difference in a clash solved in less than 30 secs, which happens quite often.

One could argue it’s part of the game to hit blindly the Submit button, but I fail to see a compelling result out of this. Technical issues should not be in the way of players, especially issues that change from player to player, such as latency, which are unfair per se.

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this won’t work because it is possible to edit the code in meaningless way (for example, add a space) in one second or less.

I’m not sure I understand your concerns. Could you give a specific example?

Sorry. At first I misunderstood what you have suggested but I understand it correctly now. Your proposal is valid but is harder to implement - each character typed should be sent to server to be registered. (it can be done on client side but it is easy to hack and cheat with)

Exactly, that’s why I suggest to pick the last time when the Test All Cases button was clicked. This should be easy to implement and would be a significant improvement for very short clashes, especially when people feel obliged to blind-click the Submit button without testing all of the cases.