Clash of Code seems to choose the newest contributions more frequently

Community contributions to clash of code which were more recently approved seem to show up significantly more frequently than older problems. I’ve had the same one twice in a row multiple times. It would make more sense if the problems I’ve done recently didn’t show up for a while so that I have less of a chance of instantly recalling the solution. Aren’t there enough contributions that I can go one day without playing the same one twice? Is this a bug?

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This thread should answer your questions:

Actually, you’re right, there is an “issue” with the current CoC match-making. We realized it during the first Clash Wars event.

The system does look for clash exercices that have been the least played among players in the lobby, then sorts it according to its difficulty (community rating), then takes one at random in the top results.

I believe this could be improved to take into account the time since players played a clash exercise. It’s in the devs’ bug backlog.

I’m sorry, I missed an update from dev. This has been solved in January. Now, this is how the system chooses clash questions:

  • list all clash puzzles
  • order them by the min of the last date players in the lobby (excluding bots) played it (ascending). If no one played it, it gets priority
  • if equal, order them by the number of players in the lobby (excluding bots) who played it (ascending)
  • if equal, order them by difficulty (community rating) (ascending)
  • then randomly

Hi all,
I love clash of code !
But I wonder if the problems to solve are fully random or if they are harder if high rank people join the lobby ?

I’m an advanced programmer (with a beginner account) but when I launch a private clash, problems are so easy.
When I launch public clash, problems are harder.

So yes that’s the question: Are clash fully random problems or they take into account the level of the players in the lobby ?


Please refer to Thibaud’s reply above.