Clash of Code update: solution sharing


it has been asked several times, it’s been in the pipe for a long time, it has finally been released… #drumroll … It is now possible to share your code with other players at the end of a clash.

You can also view the code of other players if they decided to share it.

This update has been done in order to foster knowledge sharing and friendliness among clashers. We hope you’ll like it.

Start a clash now!

We are aware of the problems of copy pasting and clash farming. We have no easy solution yet. To tackle it, we might completely remove the coding points earned through Clash of Code in the future.


I approve this solution :smiley:
No point, no farming (and so no copy pasting).


Yeah but I need some sense of achievement or else no-one is really trying to be better


If we remove coding points we’ll put some achievements (XP).

I do like being able to compare coding, or sharing with someone (say who already finished a puzzle) to increase my knowledge on best practices


This is a fantastic feature. I was very happy to see it a few days ago when it first appeared and I think it adds a lot to the clash experience when people can learn from each other.

Are there any plans to allow people to queue for specific types of clashes?

I find ‘code golf’ to have quite a different skillset from ‘fastest’ and ‘reverse mode’ and I’d love to be able to queue exclusively for code golf to try to improve those skills in particular.

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Yep, make it worth nothing. No risk, no gain. Easy gains should be worth nothing, just like in real life.

I disagree with removing the coding points from clash of code since I like that it affects your rank.

I would suggest instead to cap the total points that can be earned from clashing and also set those points to decay over time. That gives people incentive to keep playing regularly (depending on decay period) but also removes the benefits of ‘farming’ (past any reasonable amount of points earned).

This would be ideal. The biggest flaw of this solution is that it divides potential players in three. You could wait 5 minutes and not find anyone interested in your type of clash.

This is already the case. It doesn’t stop farmers to keep coming everyday, do one clash or two to keep their points top.

Great update !

Maybe instead of limiting the benefits of each clash, it may make sense to increase the inherent cost of doing a clash. Maybe make it so that, even with fastest-type clashes, you have to wait a minute or maybe half a minute before your timer runs out. So people who do the clash in half a minute or so at least tie with the farmers. I don’t know what the time limit should be. I hate fastest-type clashes. Do we have a method to track fastest solutions for non-farmers?

Though it may be annoying to some, if you switch tabs or windows, clear the clipboard. The only downside is being unable to copy over boilerplate code. But I’m not sure how you could differentiate between boilerplate and premade solutions anyways. I’m not actually sure if you’d want to. So I don’t really see this as an issue.

Another method to downsize but not remove the benefits of clashes is that if you’ve solved a particular clash in the past week or month (or ever), you cannot gain rewards from it again, similar to how you don’t get more points for solving a classic or community puzzle a different way. All the benefit is there for players who want to try the clashes, or are using them properly, but it’s diminished among farmers. Only downside is for people who actually forget what they’ve done previously and recode everything and don’t get a boost from it.

I don’t like the decay of points. I cannot get on every day or even every month, and I rarely actually play Clash of Code. So for people like me, there is no ranking benefit in playing at all.

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