Clash Wars, mini Clash of Code tournament

Please, try to schedule the tournment during the weekend so who works could partecipate too!!!

Thank you so much for keeping this awesome site alive.


@Magus you know we have no way to prevent players from using system calls. So if you want to code in Bash during C++ Clash Wars, go for it, even if I don’t get the point. Same for your dirty tricks.

@moz yes, I’ll try a Sunday evening.

Win is most of the time the point for most people :smiley:

Thank you in advance!!!

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@Magus please create another thread if you want to discuss the system issue. FYI, none of the 3 winners used this or any dirty trick yesterday.

Congratulations to them! @Radewoosh @OEtzi007 @sulan

Next Clash Wars event on Sunday 19 at 12pm CET in JavaScript

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Congratulations to this week’s winners! @DPAmar @TheCrucial @Unihedron

Rendez-vous this Sunday 26, same time (12 pm CET) for another Clash Wars event in C# this time.

Register to Clash Wars - C#

Congrats to the winners of the previous Clash Wars event in C# @XorZy @udalov @martin13

Clash Wars takes a pause, for now, the time for us to look into some metrics, bugs and possible improvements. I’ll keep you updated when it comes back.

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Clash wars bugs ? Or Clash of Code bugs ?

they’re often related