Clash Wars, mini Clash of Code tournament


We’re testing a new format of event for Clash of Code: Clash Wars. It’s a tournament of Clash of Code with one limitation: all players compete with the same language!

The first event will happen next week on Tuesday 10 of December at 8pm CET for one and a half hour of fun with Java (yes, it’s possible :wink: ). Winners will be rewarded with XP.

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  • if this format works, we’ll organize more Clash Wars with other languages and on other timezones
  • the tournament has a dedicated private leaderboard and works the same way as the public Clash of Code.
  • Clash of Code games played on the public part of the platform won’t count for Clash Wars.

You make me curious.

  • What’s the duration? one and a half hour of fun from 2 pm -> 2:30 pm EST
  • Will this use existing CoC questions or a set of new ones?
  • Will we see all questions from the start on, or one every 15 minutes or …?
  • How does the ranking work? TrueSkill like for the current CoC leaderboard or points for the rank on each single task or …?
  • Is “shortest” mode maintained?
  • don’t you fear this would pile up on the already noticeable trend of people stockpiling their solutions for later copypasta?

One does not simply have fun with Java.

Source: check my profile

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  • duration fixed. It’s one hour and a half
  • pool of questions is the existing one
  • how it works
    • multiple lobbies of maximum 12 players
    • you don’t have to wait for all players to end your current clash to start another one.
    • by design, players will play different clashes and probably not the same amount
    • ranking is TrueSkill-based like the current COC leaderboard
    • all modes available. We could consider restricting the modes too in future Clash Wars events.
  • I don’t fear the trend of stockpiling solutions will grow with these events. Beside the relatively low amount of XP winnable (I could lower it), it’s structurally the same as public CoC. I see Clash Wars as an opportunity for the community to meet at a certain moment and have fun with a certain language.

Thanks for the questions.
Let’s make CoC great again :smiley:


Shortest mode in a constrained language (that happens to be Java, for crying out loud) does not seem to me like a reliable way to make CoC great again. :fearful:

I agree with this. Java is not exactly a golfing language.

Many people will cry about the fixed language, whatever language will be (but if you want to make everyone scream, select Visual Basic or Haskell :smiley: )

The good side is that there’s not many copy/paster in CoC using java.

Haskell is a decent golfing language.

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Quick tip: if playing COC in a specific mode with a specific language makes you cringe, don’t participate in the event


I will not participate but Java is not the issue. For me the main issue of CoC is still the same, a player on an unknown CoC has no chance against a player knowing this CoC. And i assume the Clash Wars will not check this case.

Wise pick of java as the first trial language.:hugs:

Many java coders have been complaining for a long time for the unfair result in CoC because of the long-winding declare-everything language structure, when compared to most other scripting languages.

now java vs java, no complaints any more.

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Me: I got an email from Thibaud!
Me (thinking): Oooh it might be about the next spring contest, or even better, maybe it’s a Christmas gift and Unleash-the-geek will be available in multis!
Me (reading the email subject): CWs mini CoC tournament :man_facepalming:

But, yeah I hope this format will be successful and quoting Thibaud:

an opportunity for the community to meet at a certain moment and have fun with a certain language.


If people say Java is not a golfing language because it is more verbose as others, that it irrelevant when you compete against other Java solutions. As always in golf, there are still tricks both in algorithms and in syntax that can help you save the few characters that will help beat the competition. You could perfectly well golf in COBOL as well (when is COBOL coming to CG, by the way? :wink: )


Any language is/can be a golfing language. Especially when everyone is stuck to the same one.

That doesn’t take anything from the fact some languages are a lot less fun to golf in. Or from the fact there is no opt-out from golfing clashes, despite numerous requests. (ironically not from me, since I usually consider clashing a polyglot activity, but hey I’ll take arguments where they are)

Clash Wars - Java is today in 4 hours from now!

Discord channel for discussion/questions during the event:

Congrats to the winners of the first Clash Wars event. I hope everyone enjoyed this short tournament. I played myself and even learned something :smiley:

Next event next week, on Tuesday 17th of December at 10 pm CET this time (instead of 8pm)

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Let me know when JS is up. Python is currently going on I think as the upcoming event.

It’s a new year, it’s a new Clash Wars episode! This Thursday at 10pm CET in C++

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And congrats again to the winners of the Python edition of Clash Wars:

Just in case a friend of mine wants to participate, what is the codingame position on system("code in bash"); for shortest mode ?

Is it allowed ?

And what about the “ultimate dirty trick i use for my C++ golf codes” ? (codingame can just look at my C++ chuck norris golf code)

(of course this question is also important for any other languages where the system function exists)