ClashOfCode: Chance to complete a solution for the task after reaching time limit

It’s a pity, but I’m a bad coder, yet.
I love clash of code, but often I haven’t enough time to find correct solution for a task because of time limit.
Could you implement a feature to continue solving task after the time limit is hit (without impacting on any results: leaderboards, ranking, results of current CoC, etc.)?
For now: I solve this problem by copy-pasting conditions of task, go to the devtools (if language is Javascript), and complete it there… but it is very uncomfortable.
Thanks in advance.


By the way, it could be cool a feature for paid accounts.

Dead silence :frowning:

I’m sorry for not giving you an update.
It’s not possible today and we haven’t planned to add such a feature.

However, you have a chance to play the same clash in the future. Sorry for not bringing any good solution.

I see. Thanks for the answer.