Clojure does not need no (ns ..), (:gen-class) or (defn -main ...) to run code

Clojure users have a huge handicap in any “shortest code” Clash of Code contest because the current runtime forces the user to write a (ns …) expression and define a -main function.

This is all useless ! The Clojure code can be executed without all of that, just by evaluating things at the root level.

Want us to output 2 + 2 ? just let us simply write (prn (+ 2 2)). We don’t need ahead of time compilation at all, just start a repl and send the user code in there.

Thank you for the suggestion. However, we don’t want to offer this kind of flexibility in the platform just for Code golf problems in low-usage languages. Sorry!

really hope we can get rid of (ns)
“lein repl” and “C-x C-e” in local env is much better :wink: