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Use this topic to report bugs or remarks about the Code a la Mode challenge.

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The referee code is publicly available on Github:

Code to help you started:

Special thanks to the creators csj and Matteh

Ps: Raw statement if you experienced some problem:

Current bugs:

  • There is a current bug that makes your tab crash when you try to watch a battle when your battles are computing. We deactivated the automatic TV for that reason. Really sorry about that, we’ll try to look into it on Monday -> We have updated the game, crashs should happen much less often.
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The statement says about the map string: “.: walkable cell”. Actually there are also ‘0’ and ‘1’ characters for the chef starting positions, which are walkable and not mentioned in the statement.


The last battle viewer crash on both firefox and chrome. Pretty difficult to see why your AI lose :frowning: When i try to open a viewer in the last battle viewer, my firefox/chrome tab crash. So i can’t access the “Send parameters to IDE” button.


Please check:
Is it sufficient?

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Looks good to me, thanks!

We’ve updated the game to reduce the risk to crash when clicking on a last battle

I can no longer enter IDE with Code-a-la-Mode. I keep getting “Something wrong happened. internal error (-1)”.

Now seems fixed.

Mine doesn’t crash, but it take up so much RAM that my browser freezes because the OS starts to swap. That’s not normal, and very unhelpful.

Unable to load Last Battles today, Firefox crashes, Chromium crashes…

We’ve pushed another fix to avoid the last battles crash and it seems to work better than the one before! :tada:

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I experience seldom non-reproducible timeouts with a bot that is just reading and parsing input and printing a WAIT action. I do not get the expected stderr output in these cases (see replays linked below).

This is the bot code:

These are two replays with timeouts:

We’ve looked into it and didn’t find something yet. We’ll continue to look into it, but this most likely won’t be fixed before the end of the contest. I’m sorry :frowning:

The error still occurs in the Bot Programming version.
Meanwhile, I checked with property-based testing a la “quickcheck” that there are no exceptions during reading, parsing, and turn selection.
Still, the submitted bot has frequent, non-reproducible first-turn timeouts.
On my computer, I measured a maximal runtime of 9ms for the first turn and 8.5ms for later turns on a “cold” JVM (code was not run before and the maximum is from 10000 repetitions).
Most of the time, there is not even debug output from STDERR available although the main method starts with printing to STDERR.

EDIT: The tested and currently submitted Bot version actually tries to find good moves in contrast to the version reported previously during the contest which just WAITed.

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