Code of Kutulu - Puzzle discussion

ok, that’s what I thought I understood. Yes, it would be a useful feature. I think it was not that easy to do on our side, but I’ll double-check.


How to know the current coordinates of my explorer in the map ?

All the entity positions are given as x and y in the input

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But how to know my own coordinates ?

the first entity given in the input is your explorer :wink:

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Ok, thanks.

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So can I post code here that isn’t working? I can’t figure out what is doing wrong. Here is a snippet of code. Am I checking correctly for if there is a wall on one side of me?

                        moveX = 1
                        moveY = 1
                        moveY = -1

It’s hard to tell with just an excerpt like this… But the first thing I see is that you are accessing your map with x first, while the inputs give it to you row by row. So if you store it as it come, you have to access it with y first. i.e map[myY][myX].

That did it. With the symmetry of most of the maps, it would work sometimes which is why I didn’t catch my mistake. Thanks. Already paste wood 3.

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Is walking on a spawn for wanderers a valid move?
Thank you!

[Trying out some Bot challenges - this one seems like fun]

Pff - for Wood leagues 3 and 2 somehow beating the other league players is (much) easier than the boss.

There is a typo in the Output specs:

“One line : the action of your explorer which can be on of these:”

“on” should be “one”.