Code of Kutulu - Puzzle discussion

Feel free to send your feedback or ask some help here! :skull_crossbones:

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Browser sometimes crashes on submit (chrome)
Doesn’t happend in any other game. Also reported during Contest.


That happened constantly to me during the thales contest - If I left the submit window open it would crash as soon as the first replay was available.


What has changed compared to the contest?

Not much.

Any plans for Gold League?

Are you waiting the end of LoCaM competition or we will see the Gold legue earlier?

After the contest

Now that the contest is over … any new plans :wink:

Gold was already announced to open on wednesday.

I’ve seen that rules were changed a little on GitHub. But it seems that some changes are missed on the puzzle’s page. As example I can see “The plan is an effect with a duration of 5 turns” (instead of 4), “It has a duration of 3 turns” (instead of 2), “Shelters start with 10 energy” (instead no energy) and so on.


I am looking for option to specify name of map when randomining new games? Is there something like that in addition to seed?

Yes indeed:
map=Hypersonic (replace with another name to select the map).

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Now I need to make some improvments for “Corridors” map, because I am loosing so many games on that map for some reason :slight_smile:

Is there anything wrong with the code that determines the ‘winner’?

I often see that the last three all have a place of ‘-’, although one character significantly outlasted the others.

I go to the playback, wondering where my solution went wrong, and it turns out that I won. A little strange.

Ahh, there was an exception at the last ‘frame’ of the game that caused a timeout.

The problem of the view which does not show if replays ended up with an exception. In my opinion it should be a priority feature for Codingame.

I’m not sure I understood exactly what you meant. Could you please add some details and perhaps an example?

Hi Thibaut, when we open the panel of the list of replays, we can’t know which ones failed with an exception. We have to watch all lost games one by one to see if we lost them because a exception/timeout or not.