Code of the Rings - Bug reading input - Python

I made a code that seems to be working fine for the 9th first tests, but then for others tests I have this error : (traducted from french so maybe not 100% accurate)
“Warning: your code did not read all the data available from standard input before writing to standard output. This causes desynchronization which can lead to unexpected behavior.”

I tried something with the 11th test (letter B repeated 70 times), if I put this at the beginning it doesn’t work :
magic_phrase = input()

If I put this, it works :
magic_phrase = “B” * 70

but the weirder part is if I put this, it doesn’t work anymore !
magic_phrase = input()
magic_phrase = “B” * 70

Just calling input() seems to be creating the bug.
I don’t know if I’m allowed to post my entire code to facilitate the resolution of this issue, let me know.

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