Code v zombies: when can you still save a human?

From the rules I assumed if a zombie is <400 range of a human at the end of a turn, it’s impossible to save that human. However in some of the test cases these humans do get saved. What is the actual condition for saving a human? If you can still intercept them <400 range the specification seems pointless.

some output from my test:
human at 4000, 2250 cannot be saved from zombie at 4000, 3375

intercept point:4000, 2650
human-zombie distance:1125
ash-target distance: 4407
ash steps: 3 zombie steps: 2

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It’s because a turn play specifics actions and this actions are played in a specific order. Each turn is like this:

  • The zombies moves first to the nearest human with a speed of 400. If the nearest human is in a distance less than 400, the zombie go on the exact point of this human

  • Ash move in the direction you want with a maximum distance of 1000

  • Any zombies in a distance of 2000 or less of Ash is killed

  • For all remaining zombies, if a Zombie is on the exact point of a human, this human is killed

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Ok, I got confused by the wording, on the game page it’s like this:

Each turn, every zombie will target the closest human, including Ash, and step 400 units towards them. If the zombie is less than 400 units away, the human is killed and the zombie moves onto their coordinate.

thanks for the clarification.