Code4Life Rules Clarification

Hello Coders,

I’m reading the referee and I find some rules not very clearly stated in the IDE. Here is what I find

Science Projects

When a project is finished. It’s removed from this list. If both players finish the project at the same time, then both of them will win health points and the project is removed.

#Molecules back to the terminal
When a sample is produced in the Laboratory, the paid molecules are returned back to the terminal

Please add your discoveries. Thanks :slight_smile:


It is strange why it is not stated in rules…

Once you get promoted to bronze league, you will see it.

Edit: This has been fixed. For some strange reason when a sample is moved from the player to the cloud, the rank is deducted by 1 and when it is moved back to a player it is increased by 1. (This seems so minor it could hardly be considered a bug, but if you are trying to simulate the game exactly, this will come up.)

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Can somebody please explain to me how expertise molecules work? I am currently in bronze league where they come into play. The rules state that, whenever a player develops a sample at the laboratory…

“… the player acquires molecule expertise: the robot will need 1 less molecule of the type specified by the sample for producing all subsequent medicines.”

So, suppose that at some point I have accumulated x expertiseA points. Does that mean I subtract x from my subsequent typeA molecule costs? Or I just subtract 1?

I am asking this question, because I have observed that whenever my bot develops a sample, some molecules are sometimes left in my bot storage. I think it has to do with bad expertise handling, but I need to know exactly how these expertise points work to fix the problem.


It’s cumulative, so if you have 2 expertise A and a sample need 3 A molecules, you just need one molecule A into your storage. if you have 4 expertise A and a sample need 3 A molecules, you don’t need any molecule A in your storage.

Ok, thanks a lot!