CodeBuster Rules Change by League

Continuing the discussion from CodeBusters challenge: details & questions:
Can you post a summary of the changes that happen when you go up a league. I know this is displayed immediately when you are promoted but I cannot find it anywhere else.
An example would be:
Wood 2 -> Wood 1
Busters can stun opponent’s busters.
Wood 1 -> Bronze
Ghosts have stamina.


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It might be good to show this at the bottom of the rules/instructions page, but only show the changes up to the league you’re in. So, once you move up from Wood 2 to Wood 1, you see that change. Once you move up to Bronze, you see both listed, etc. Maybe in a nice table format.

The change summary is already visible for all league from wood 2 that box should probably be shown on all league instead of only in the lower one.

Another thing that would be great would be to highlight all change in the rules that happened in our current league. At the moment we have to read the whole rules at each league to be certain not to miss an important details. Something close to a diff view would be great.

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