Codebusters: bug in state informations?

I think there is a bug in state information.
see that replay:

at turn 86 I get this state:

0 x=6738 y=1250 entityType=0 state=0 value=-1
1 x=4658 y=5239 entityType=0 state=0 value=-1
3 x=5275 y=6266 entityType=1 state=2 value=10
3 x=3784 y=5993 entityType=-1 state=36 value=1

(the enemy buster 2 is not visibile, but is far from action)

There is written that the ghost 3 is being busted (value=1), but by who??
it was busted at turn before (by the enemy 3 that now is stunned), but now you see that no one is more busting, but his value keep value 1.

After that, my algo go crazy.

It’s bug in rules description, not bug in state information.
Instead of

For ghosts it is the number the busters currently attempting to trap it.

There should be

For ghosts it is the number of busters which attempted to trap it on previous move.

It’s quite logical. After all, how can you know how much busters are currenty busting ghost, if they didn’t make decision yet?

Uhm, changing the rule description you can justify, but still reamins no-sense.

After that all players send his decision, the engine should calculate effect of that decisions and then send, as state, those effects => the ghost is no more being busted.
The “state” is supposed to be taken after the previous decisions are actuated.

Just “inside” the state you see discrepancy, no buster busting and ghost with value=1.
So why the state of the buster is not “the action he was doing in previous move” ??